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Bike Tour BIKE TOURS - KERALA & TAMIL NADU This tour takes you from the commercial hub and premier port city of Kerala through two states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, winding through deciduous forests and lowlands that gradually rise into the Western Ghats, past cardamom, coffee and tea plantations, hill stations, wildlife reserves, explore spice plantations, stay on a houseboat and relax on a pristine beach, all along relishing the thrill of riding on what many consider a classic bike. Rate From : $1.00 To : $0.00
Bike Tour BICYCLE TOURS - KERALA This 11 days/10 nights cycling tour through extremely scenic terrains of Kerala, which includes coastal roads, mix of slightly hilly, uphill, undulating, partly rugged, normal rural roads, city roads, side roads, country roads and plantation roads. Rate From : $0.00 To : $1.00